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What is this for?

Ideal solution for 24/7 live streaming as well as for one time or regular event streamings and security camera streaming and recording.

3 Simple Steps to Get you started with Tvibo

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Attract your viewers

Get embed player, and use tons of features...

How it works?

We get stream from the url you provide, or you simply push stream to our server.
We record it and at the same time stream through our streaming CDN.
You get player embed code and place the player like this on your website.
Player is configurable and adopted to all modern browsers including browsers for mobile devices.


We deliver your stream and the time shifted content to your customers via multiple servers around the world according to their geographical location. We got total 13 locations around the world and actively expanding the network to serve your viewers smoothly.
Your stream can be recorded to the server. You do not need to worry about DVR devices or some software to record and save your live archive.
Along with the live stream watching, you and your customers can watch the recorded content using comfortable timeline integrated in player, or by simply clicking on EPG item.
Player is responsive. It supports all modern web browsers and mobile browsers.
We offer free mobile app for all our customers who choose to use Tvibo for 24/7 broadcasting.
If your source stream needs to be transcoded we offer cloud transcoding service in very competitive prices.
If you use our cloud transcoding service, than we give you a possibility to inject logo in your stream.
You can provide backup stream. It means that, if your primary stream fails, system smoothly switches to secondary steam source without disconnecting the user from watching.
You can simply connect your Facebook and YouTube account and stream your live on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. You can also place FB tab to have your live player on FB page always ready.
Unless you use a free plan, there no imprinted logos and labels on player. You can upload your own if you wish.
You can simply integrate EPG in your stream. We support XML TV format as well as custom EPG editor for all your live channels.
You can integrate your own Google Double Click and Google AdSence video ads. Custom VAST (Video Ads Standard) is also supported. So you can integrate your own or third party ads in your player very simply.
You can watch your viewer stats live in your user dashboard. You also have the ability to analyze past data.
You can protect your stream by password. You can set the geographical area where your stream must be accessed. You can lock embedding of your stream for the websites you manage. The stream URL can be secured by access token to prevent stream hijacking. You can use DMR for secure delivering of your stream to customers.
We monitor all streams 24/7. If your stream fails we send you automatic email notification. Our technical team is always ready to help.
We give you full control on your stream URL which means that you can integrate it in any kind of custom IPTV / OTT application.

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